Welcome to Body Corporate Matters

An increasing number of people are choosing to live in or invest in a strata-title property in Queensland.

When people know the rules and laws, then live by them, living in community titles schemes should be easier.

This website is designed to give people in strata buildings in Queensland an understanding of the main rules and laws that apply to us.

By its very nature, www.bodycorporatematters.com.au is an evolving narrative. It cannot contain every last detail on the rules that apply to every situation. This website is being produced by experienced unit owners for other unit owners. If you have something to add or want some item to be included contact us at dee@bodycorporatematters.com.au

It is important that we make the effort to learn new words and phrases so that we can talk to others about our situations and can understand the rules that relate specifically to community living.  Under the main law, the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997, all occupiers have a right to “quiet peace and enjoyment” of both their own lots and equally the common areas in their complexes.

Occupiers include owner residents, tenants, holidaymakers and visitors. There can be no discrimination between types of occupiers. The same rules apply to everyone.

We believe that unit owners and occupiers should have a readily available source of the main information that they need so that they can live with neighbours in harmony and enjoy their lives in body corporate complexes. This website is designed to help everyone understand the rules and laws so we can live in closer proximity in harmony.

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Important Disclaimer: This website is not meant to be a substitute for competent legal advice when that is needed or desired, nor does it claim to be more important than the legislation and the other laws and regulations that control our lives when we live in bodies corporate. The information here is general and not specific in nature. We disclaim all liability for loss or damage suffered by any person acting upon or relying on the words in this publication. Every situation is different and every complex has slightly different characteristics. Many issues need specific, competent advice. This website  should not be relied upon as specific legal advice or as interpretation of legislation.