Body Corporate or Strata unit

About Us

Body Corporate Matters was established for the sole purpose of providing services and resources for unit owners, committees, and residents in a strata community in Queensland.  

We offer -

  • easy-to-use information to help owners, committees, and residents understand their rights and responsibilities; 
  • access to resources to assist unit owners, and committees resolve common issues;
  • referrals to industry professionals that we have excellent relationships with that we know will provide assistance and legal advice if required.

Dee Pannell

Dee is the Publisher/Editor of The New Layperson’s Guide to Body Corporate in Queensland a reference guide to the many provisions of the Body Corporate & Community Management Legislation. 

Dee has now worked in the Strata Industry for over a 20-year period providing Due Diligence Reports for Unit Buyers and as a Returning Officer for Secret Ballot motions.  Dee was the Creator/Inventor of the StrataVote electronic voting software.

Dee is passionate about providing unit owners with a source of information and education and referrals to industry experts.

Mary McLean

Mary is a unit owner and an experienced committee member and also a member of the Owners Corporation Network (OCN) the national organisation for unit owners.  Mary is an acknowledged industry expert who has been secretary/treasurer of a self-managed complex for many years and helping unit owners with their problems for over 20 years.     Mary encourages unit owners to consider joining these self-help and advocacy groups.