Body Corporate or Strata unit

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  • Body Corporate Budgets 31st August 2020 The financial operation of a Body Corporate is like running a business, and like most businesses, proper budgeting is the key to financial health. Just like businesses, a Body Corporate have two separate yet vitally important budgets. ... more
  • Differences between a Lot and Common Property 20th August 2020 Check out this article by Bannerman Lawyers focusing on the difference between a lot and common property! This is a common question in the industry, in particular when discussing renovations and we hope this helps clarify the difference. ... more
  • Water Damage 20th August 2020 Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management Body corporate article for publication Taking into account the number of calls we receive on the issue, water damage is a hot topic for lot owners and bodies corporate. In doing a bit of basic research for this article, I came... ... more
  • Download our New Mobile App 2nd July 2020 You can now download the Member Jungle mobile app and stay up to date with what's going on our membership group. You can update your membership details and also receive notifications about important event reminders, latest news and more. Visit the Mobile App page (under Membership) to find out more... ... more