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At Body Corporate Matters we focus on assisting unit owners, occupiers, and Committees in Queensland.  

We can assist you to find answers!    

If you own or live in a strata community in Queensland we are able to provide referrals to well-regarded Body Corporate lawyers who can offer you legal advice on those matters.  When choosing a lawyer, you should ask about whether there are any costs for the first appointment, as some lawyers may offer this for free, while others may charge a fixed fee.

We also can provide referrals to other industry professionals or assist you in finding the right body corporate manager for your scheme.  Please see the STAR Partner section for businesses "We Know Like and Trust".

We believe that unit owners and occupiers should have a readily available source of the main information that they need so that they can live with neighbours in harmony and enjoy their lives in body corporate complexes.

This website is designed to help everyone understand the rules and laws so we can live in closer proximity in harmony.


If you need any information or assistance please do not hesitate to Contact Us 



Please note that we do not provide legal advice (we are not lawyers) and we do not provide legal interpretations of your issue, documentation, by-laws, etc.  We prioritise replies based on various factors including our available time as volunteers and the type of inquiry.